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Dog Trainer

Looking for a good dog trainer near your location? Browse through our list of expert dog trainers who offer thier services with no frills!

When Dogs Talk When Dogs Talk
Sarah Hodgson is a dog trainer and an associate certified dog behavior consultant (IAABC).
Laurie Fass Dog Training Laurie Fass Dog Training
With over 30 years of professional experience, Laurie has helped thousands of dogs and dog owners. She has successfully solved problems ranging from simple to potentially dangerous. Her training methods are varied to suit the needs of each individual dog and situation.
Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer Rose Lesniak Dog Trainer
Rose Lesniak Dog Training in Miami, Florida is based on the philosophy of bettering the lives of both you and your dog or puppy through a disciplined dog training program that employs love, praise and positive reinforcement.

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