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Get the best dog information about your pets by checking out the websites below. On top of general dog training tips, you could also get detailed dog information on various topics such as grooming, maintenance, dog health and etc...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is a general information site for Cavalier owners, Cavalier owners-to-be and all Cavalier lovers.
 Brittany Breed Info Brittany Breed Info
Brittany breed information and resources
Brittanys Online Brittanys Online
An online magazine and site for about the American Brittany, from breeders to competitions basic care health of Brittany.
Llewellin Setters Llewellin Setters
America's Choice The formost site for Llewellins Setters. Breeder and Llewellin resourses, History, Faq, pictures and pedigrees,web design for all breeds
Keepsake Tollers Keepsake Tollers
Keepsake Tollers is located in Grady, Alabama. I am retired from breeding Tollers now, and while it was a very difficult decision, ultimately it was the right one. Thank you to all of the Keepsake f amily and what you have meant to me over the last 20 years.
Irish Red & White Setter Show Information Irish Red & White Setter Show Information
This website is currently dedicated to show results of The Irish Red and White Setter in the UK.
Kerry Blue Terriers Kerry Blue Terriers
The internet's oldest and most complete site about Kerry Blue Terriers.
Care 4 Your Dog Care 4 Your Dog
Care for your dog offers the best dog care information including advice on dog accessories, dog insurance, how to train your dog, naming your dog, good dog food and all aspects of good dog care.
Dog Food Allergy and Other Allergy Types Dog Food Allergy and Other Allergy Types
This is a true dog allergy story based on an interview with the owner of a Labrador Retriever who was suffering from multiple allergies.
Bloomingtails Dog Boutique Bloomingtails Dog Boutique
Custom dog clothes, designer dog clothes, & accessories for the pampered pet!
German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd Dog
About German Shepherd Dog is the world's largest online resource for information about German shepherds.
Dog Stories Dog Stories
Dog Stories and photos ranging from heroic, funny and amazing for everyone who loves dogs.
Dog Help | Dog Advice | Care of Dogs Dog Help | Dog Advice | Care of Dogs

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