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Read dog blogs written by other people here. Some of these dog blogs even provide additonal stuff for the visitors. Be sure not to miss any of the good stuff and check them out.

Cavaliers By Best Mate Cavaliers By Best Mate
Cavaliers By Best Mate
Stonewall's Stonewall's
Stonewall's - In Dogs We Trust
Terrier Tribe Terrier Tribe
Terrier Tribe
Aden Catahoulas Aden Catahoulas
Aden Catahoulas is a member of the American Catahoula Association and a Certified Breeder with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas.
Boykin Spaniels Boykin Spaniels
The Unofficial but Original Boykin Spaniel Site
Dockside Field Spaniels Dockside Field Spaniels
We've been sharing our home & our lives with our Fieldies for nearly 12 years now. They are wonderful members of the family & it's hard to remember what our days were like before they arrived.
Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni
Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni is a small kennel located in Michigan.
Ledgands English Pointer Showcase Ledgands English Pointer Showcase
English pointer showcase. Pointer Forum, breed standards, pointer pedigree database, champ show photos, puppy market place, and more.
Onpoint Vizslas Onpoint Vizslas
Learn about the versatility of the breed, from being an outstanding bird hunting dog, to an exceptional family companion.
Pointerdom Pointerdom
Home History Dogs Bitches Puppies
Sharnphilly English Pointers and Weimaraners from the UK.
Spaanse Waterhond Spaanse Waterhond
Spaanse Waterhond
Spinone Italiano Spinone Italiano
Spinone Italiano in Northern and Central Europe
Superior Pointers Superior Pointers
At Superior Pointers, we are dedicated to the preservation and continuous improvement of the Elhew Pointer - Robert G.
Dogs just want to Have Fun!
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cavalier, Spaniel,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Cavaliers,breeders, canine,dog, puppies, canine nutrition, dog health.
Jasper's Blog Jasper's Blog
All About The World of Pets!
All Dog Blog All Dog Blog
All Dog Blog
A Dog Training Site A Dog Training Site
A Dog Training Site BLOG and FORUMS to help humans and their best friend understand each other a little better.

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