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Owning & Buying a Pet – Things to Know

owning a petHave you ever considered owning and buying a pet and what you need to know?

Although the benefits of having a pet are tremendous, including boosts in physical and mental health, there are many things to consider when it comes to the responsibility of a new addition to your family or home.

Breed, Type, Style…

One of the most important factors when purchasing a pet is insuring it will fit within your lifestyle. You may have fallen in love with that beautiful Golden Retriever puppy but did you consider they get fairly large and perhaps won’t enjoy it in your studio apartment?

Understanding your lifestyle and preferences is the first thing you need to do before determining what kind of breed you would like. Also, you may want to consider purchasing a pure bred since the predictability of their size; care requirements, coat and temperament are higher.


Another consideration before picking out a pet is whether or not you want a young pet such as a puppy or kitten. When animals are young they are required to be vaccinated as well as receive immunizations such as rabies shot. This will be an expense you will want to account for when looking at young breeds.


Insuring you have the adequate time to invest in your new pet is essential. It is important to play with your animals and offer them stimulation and attention as their owners. Puppies, especially love to be played with and need attention as many younger pets will. Insuring you or your children have time for the animals is important for their development.

Animas can develop sadness and depression just as humans and without love and attention they will become unhappy. Consider also the additional time you will spend on veterinarian visits, bathing and grooming, picking up food, feeding and cleaning up after your pet. If you already have a very busy lifestyle, you may not want to invest in a pet that needs your constant love and attention.

Children and Pets

children and petsIf you have young children at home you may want to consider the type of pet you are planning to purchase. For example, full grown rabbits seem like an adorable choice for your toddler to hold and coddle but in reality they are very mean and tend to bite and scratch. You can however purchase baby bunnies which will allow you the opportunity to train and teach them with your children.

Also, large dogs, cats and many other animals can be dangerous if not properly trained around children. Children will also need to know how to take care of and handle these animals so it will require an understanding on their part. You should do your research on the type of animal you plan to purchase and their general temperament before making any decisions.

Most of the information on owning and buying a pet and what you need to know is common sense. It is helpful however to create a checklist for yourself beforehand and weight the pros and cons of each consideration. If you have children, especially you should take your time rather than buying impulsively. Having a good idea of what you are looking for is a better plan and you will find a much more happy addition to your family.