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How to Keep Your Pet Happy

keep pets happyOwning a pet brings a family or individual great pleasure. Understanding the needs and knowing how to keep your pet happy is a great responsibility.

Many owners forget the needs of animals yet they are just like humans with a set of requirements for daily care and love. Here are suggestions to help you and your pet adjust and find happiness together.


While you may think grooming is for fancy pet shows only, this is not the case. Animals need a level of care when it comes to maintaining a healthy coat. You will need to consider a few things before deciding on a grooming regimen. First, is your pet an outside or inside animal? If they are outside, will they be susceptible to insects and fleas which burrow into their fur and bite their skin? You will want to make sure to give them regular flea treatments and baths if this is the case. There are weekly shampoos as well as monthly applications which help your pet to be flea and tick free.

Does your animal have itchiness or nervous disorders which cause them to scratch and lose fur? You will want to consider veterinarian help for this and be sure you are grooming with appropriate supplies. Some materials can contain harmful chemicals if used on smaller animals for example and it is important to read the labels before applying chemical treatments to your pet.

Other things to consider are regular trims for their long nails which can hurt people, furniture and themselves. If you are unsure what type of grooming is suitable for your animal ask an expert groomer or veterinarian.

Play and Attention

Pets are not simply items in your house which are to look at and play with when you feel the urge. They are individuals with varied personalities and needs. Just like children, your pet will require love and attention from you. This is especially true if you own dogs, cats or birds. They all seek your affection.

Young animals such as puppies and kittens will want play time so it is important you have the time to spend with them. Having a pet is a responsibility. Play time is a time for you and your pet to bond and get to know each other. You can also begin a process of teaching them valuable lessons and you will be surprised how eager they can be to please you.

For many animals you can visit a local pet supply store and purchase play items such as balls, chew toys and scratch posts. There are many stores which carry cat houses which are carpeted and allow cats or kittens a place to jump, swat and scratch to their hearts content.

Suitable Housing

happy catDoes your pet have the proper set up to keep them protected from outdoor weather and other animals? Learning how to keep your pet happy involves making sure they are safe and secure.

If your animals live outside it is especially important to make sure they have the proper cover such as a dog house, chicken coop, warm bed, fencing, etc. It is your responsibility to insure they don’t run away or chase cars. This means either keeping them indoors or providing a nice, clean fenced yard with cover for storms or cold.

Veterinarian Care

You will want to set aside a budget for regular veterinarian care for your animal. When they are young they may require vaccinations and shots for things such as rabies or feline diseases depending on the type and breed of animal. A vet can also recommend the optimal types of nutrition which will help your pet avoid any allergens related to the food they eat.

You may need to make visits if your pet is sick or has any health issues. This is a big responsibility and necessary if you are going to own a pet. They are not any different than people and need care when they feel ill or seem unhealthy.

Our pets rely solely on us to care for them and tend to their needs. Since they are domesticated animals, they do not have the skills to survive in the wild on their own. Therefore it is essential to know how to keep your pet happy and offer them the best possible life they can have. A pet who is cared for will give back ten fold to its owner.