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Animal Shelters

animal shelterThe number of animal shelters in the United States is increasing day by day. By the end of last year, it was estimated that over 5000 animal shelters are present in the United States alone and this number seems to be rising in a startling manner. About seven million companion animals enter shelters each year, 60% of them are dogs.

With recession taking over, many people claim that pets are too expensive to keep and therefore, give them up. This puts animal shelters in a crisis due to over population. As many as four million pets are eliminated annually, because of overpopulation in animal shelters. In 2011, over 14,000 animals (mostly dogs and cats) were euthanized in Palm Beach Country alone.

The astounding statistics gathered from animals shelters go on. Nearly half of the pets placed in shelters were those given up by owners and almost 20% of them were originally picked from shelters. This means, as many as 2 in 10 pet owners who decide to take home a pet from animal shelters return them. This puts animal shelters in a further troublesome situation, because they would never be able to predict the fluctuations of their shelter population.

On average, it costs about $500 per year to keep a pet (This is a rough figure for pets like cats, dogs and rabbits, but it can vary greatly according to the type of animal, the breed, the size and of course, the lifestyle of it). This means, that all pet shelters, government or not, spend a total of over $3.5 billion ($3,500,000,000) to deal with animal shelters!

When in reality, it would cost an affordable $500 per household if individual pets were adopted. The love, companionship and care that flows both from the pet to the owners and the other way around, cannot measure to the cost of keeping a pet.

Did you know that nearly 10 million pets were euthanized annually all over the USA? Euthanizing is a process of killing something with minimal pain. It requires injection of the toxin into the system which kills the organism in its sleep. Sad, isn’t it? But from the perspective of animal shelters, this cannot be helped. Many animal shelters ensure that there are no free strays in their area. Never the less, about 70 millions animals run loose in the United States.

This is an even bigger problem because they mate and multiply in months. In fact, the problem seem to be worsening and the only way to put a stop to this is to stop animals from reproducing unnecessarily through sterilization and adopting them in order to reduce the number killed simply because animals shelters don’t have any other option.