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Benefits of Having a Pet at Home

petsThe cost and care for a pet is minimal when you compare it to the benefits of having a pet at home. Many people don’t even realize how much your pet enhances the quality of life in your household both physically and emotionally. Pets reduce stress, lower blood pressure, teach responsibility and can help offset emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

Health Benefits

The Allergy Myth

Surprisingly, family members, mainly children who are exposed to furry animals such as cats, dogs, or larger farm animals are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. This research is founded on studies done on the blood of babies which responded positively for allergen tests.

Those infants with pets in the home faired much better and had only 19% allergies compared to 33% of those without pets. In the past it was considered the opposite, that children exposed to animals at a young age were more likely to become allergic. This myth is quickly becoming inaccurate with the recent findings.

Immune System

Similar tests indicated that those surrounded by pets had a much higher level of immune system chemicals. This is primarily because animals such as dogs and cats are dirty and come with an array of dirt, germs and bacteria. Due to the exposure, individuals are prone to develop resistant immunities and receive a boost in their immune system activation.


Studies also have shown that patients who are being treated for Alzheimer’s disease are less likely to have negative or anxious outbursts when they have a pet. Seniors in particular seem to benefit from the responsibility of an animal to offer companionship and provide constant love for their owners. Many nursing homes in fact have incorporated pet visits into their activity programs as it seems to bring peace and comfort to these elderly.


Getting plenty of exercise is another one of the many benefits to having a pet at home. Taking the dog out for a walk, playing, throwing balls and caring for your animal helps stimulate your own heart and muscles. This is particularly true if you go for long walks or jogs with your dog either around the neighborhood or at the local dog park.

Emotional and Mental

Stress Relief

stress reliefOther studies have been conducted which indicate pets play a huge role in reducing stress on their owners. One particular piece of research took a group of stockbrokers whose tendency towards high stress levels and blood pressure was an issue. Those who adopted a dog or cat had significantly lower blood pressure readings during stressful situations than those without an animal.

Since the body goes into a harmful mode during stress, powerful chemicals which can negatively affect the immune system are released. These are called cortisol or noreprinephrine. Pets provide pleasure in the form of serotonin and dopamine which are nerve transmitters known to have calming properties and increase pleasure. Enjoying activities with your pet will help increase those levels and as a result decrease the affects of stress.


Similarly, the “feel good” chemicals released by the brain from owning and caring for a pet are known to reduce depression. Studies were conducted on Aids patients who owned pets and the findings suggest those who were especially attached to their pets where less likely to become depressed.


Children who have and care for pets learn an exceptional amount of responsibility. They also learn to love and care for something which is alive and this helps them prepare for parenting later in life. Providing a loving and nurturing animal as companionship is a great way for children to receive love and get exercise through playtime. They also learn to teach, discipline and prepare financially for their animal if done right.

The benefits to having a pet at home are immense. Dogs are great especially as protectors and will guard your home and loved ones with their life. Animals provide love, comfort, fun and a multitude of physical and mental health aid for the entire family.